Friday, October 7, 2022


Good news first!
It's been awhile since I last opened up my blog and did anything with it.
Life has thrown us a real curveball,
but before I talk about it let me introduce this very handsome and chill fellow,
2 month old Jax.
He is the infant of my dental assistant Rhea,
who I've known since her Kindergarten years with my son.
The two of them went thru Elementary, Jr. High and High School together.
What confidence and knowledge Jax is displaying,
almost like an old soul who's been around the block a time or two. 
Rhea has him snuggled beneath the baby blanket I knit for him.

Now for the bad news.
My husband was in a terrible car accident recently,
ran into a tree, and flipped our jeep.  
It's really a miracle he's alive,
that's what all the doctors and nurses are telling me!
He was ejected we believe thru the soft top roof of the jeep,

and broke his fall all along the right side of his body 
from the top of his shoulder to his hip and thigh,
and is black and blue all the way down with multiple scratches over entire body.
He landed in the dirt and was covered in blood when 911 was called.
Not buckling your seatbelt really matters!
For 3 days his right eyelid would not stay open or would his eye track,
but that has resolved itself.
And if that wasn't enough he split open his skull, was concussed
 and had 8 staples put in.
We think his head hit a nearby sharp rock.
I actually went to visit the tree and crash site.
But sadly there is even more.
We don't know how it happened but he completely ripped open 
his left calf and muscle all the way down to his ankle.
The surgeon said it was peeled back like a banana.


These photos were taken after his 6th surgery,
and bandaging was being changed.
It was actually even worse then this but I've decided not to put those pix up.

Now some much needed good news after those photos.
Jim has not smoked or eaten fast food in 22 days.
He has lost at least 20 to 30 pounds in his mid section.
And because he is a diabetic he has not had any sugar either.
So cold turkey for all 3 vices.
He is going to be one healthy young man when he gets home.
A life changing experience!!

He has been in two trauma hospitals.
One in Santa Ana,
 and now he has been transferred to Mission Viejo.
He has had 7 surgeries on his calf and will continue to have more.
Plus extensive skin grafting yesterday that I have not seen yet.
(He is saying tonight that the graft is more painful then his calf injury)
Staples in head were removed and head has healed nicely.
He is so lucky to be alive.
His hair is growing in nicely and he has not shaved either.
He looks kind of like a captain of a ship.
Here he is with his grandsons last night.
It's the first time they have seen him since the accident,
and I know it really lifted his spirits,
that's for sure.
The state of the art hospital he is in now.
Our insurance's Trauma Hospital.
The place takes up a whole city block 
and each room is decked out like a hotel room with a couch/bed
 and deluxe bathroom. 
And the nurses aren't hiding behind a bullet proof glass partition
like in the first Trauma Hospital. 
What a difference and a blessing!
Who knew?  
Sometimes life throws you curveballs.
This was a BIG ONE!!
And still a long way to go towards healing.
And from now on, no seatbelt, no go.


  1. thank goodness that there is so much good news here, but thank you too for the warning to scan past the worst of it (my nurse daughter will be fascinated tho) ... sending well wishes for continued healing ... and yes, seat belts all around!

    1. Hi Liz! It's been so long since I've pulled up my blog, and it's really nice to know you are still here with me. The stress of this last month has been overwhelming. I haven't been sleeping well, the list is long. The first 2 weeks I was practically living at the hospital, Traveling back and forth day and night. And with the price of gas right now at $6.50 a gallon I've spent so much money. The Mission Viejo Hospital is so nice but so far from our home. And the traffic getting there is ridiculous too! Ah, living the California Dream is a nightmare, ha ha. So great to hear from you and hope all is well!

  2. Replies
    1. Now we don't even move forward unless all seatbelts are buckled!!