Tuesday, August 2, 2022


A multi-colored Baby Rose that is now over 4 feet tall on our Condo patio
growing thru a small Birch that is holding it up.

A double lily at Cabin.

A surprise Lily in the Cabin's wishing well
that I had forgotten about.

Fever Few that came up from a handful of seeds from the year before at cabin.

Baby Fourth of July Roses at Cabin climbing up 
vintage window pane (above and below)
at least 5 feet tall.

A first year Lily at cabin.

A lovely Rose my son bought me for Xmas 
(above and below) that has been blooming all summer on condo patio.

Amaryllis blubs put into the common area at Condo
(a big no-no).
These were the ones I bought at Home Depot the Xmas before.
They came in their own boxes and are supposed to bloom at Xmas
which they did last year.
But I moved them into the ground and they just re-bloomed recently.

An incredible Bougainvillea bush on my daily walk.

Condo patio with Geraniums in bloom.
The light pink one was a gift from Mary about three Thanksgivings ago.
She simply broke off a stem from her own plant 
and told me to put it in a pot and water it.
It took and has been flowering ever since.
I have since discovered you can do this with any Geranium
and have since rooted at least 9 different varieties,
two of which have a citronella scent that keeps mosquitos away.

My daughter Danielle's Rose bushes (above and below) at her Condo.

I hope you enjoyed seeing these blooms I surround myself with.
I'm so grateful to my mom and Aunt Elena
for teaching and passing on to me their green thumbs.
I was very lucky to grow up with these two amazing women
who surrounded me not only with unconditional love,
 but with fruit trees of every kind, vegie gardens every summer,
a greenhouse full of stag horn ferns and orchids, a huge rose garden,
palm trees with orchids growing out of their trunks that mom brought back from Hawaii, the orchids that is, a cacti and succulent garden, and so much more.
And bulbs which have always been a favorite. 
My son Zach was lucky enough to have my Mother and Aunt
as his day care for the first 5 years of his life.
Aunt Elena drove in once a week to take care of Zach in our home.
 Mom had him in her glorious gardens 4 days a week at the home I grew up in,
 and then later in her Mobile Home where they created a garden together.
Thus we have a Plant Science Major in the family,
who has traveled the world for both Dole and Red Bull. 
And who with his wife are taking their backyard to a whole other level.

Three years ago when they purchased this home in Winnetka
which is in the San Fernando Valley,
they took out all the dead grass and weeds,
created several walkways,
and began to plant fruit trees, 
native California plants that are drought tolerant,
plants for butterflies and bees,
vegies scattered throughout,
and whatever else caught their fancy.
I believe this pix is from about 2 years ago.
They are still deciding what material to use in the pathways.
Of course I have a few suggestions involving artsy fartsy ideas.
We shall see. 
This clematis is now growing across their back fence along with several other colorful climbers.
And I've forgotten what this unusual yellow stalk is called,
but it's super interesting and a bit strange.
And the sweet, delicate flowers below came up from seeds.
 At first we thought they were a weed,
but we let them go and now are a pollinator for bees,
a California native.

My daughter was not as fortunate in her gardening lessons
because Mom and Aunt Elena were aging.
They each did one day a week at our home.
 Dani was with a nanny 3 days a week,
but she has a great interest in learning to garden 
after she and boyfriend bought a home together.
Now most of her days off you will find her in the garden section at Home Depot.
It makes my heart feel so full 
that both of my babies are getting their hands in the dirt.
They are continuing the legacy that my grandfather Benny brought at age 18 
to America from his family's Olive Oil plantation in Palermo, Sicily
which is still going strong today. 
My cousin and her son traveled to Sicily this year to introduce themselves 
and visit cousins in the Olive Oil Warehouses there.
On my bucket list.


  1. what an amazing post ... the legacy of the land, of family, of planting and growing with a belief in promise of all the tomorrows to come

    1. What a lovely comment Liz, thank you for that, and so glad you enjoyed our blooms.