Saturday, February 22, 2020


I want to celebrate my ex's 75th birthday this week,
my first husband and father of my children,
Inars Agrums.
And even though we didn't work as husband and wife
(23 years trying),
we still remain the best of friends today since our divorce in 2010.
For the past 10 years,
 every Monday night we have hung out with our daughter Danielle,
doing dinner and watching the Bachelor together,
sometimes even meeting 2 times a week to watch something else that Dani wanted us both for.
We help each other whenever there is an emergency,
like Inars' Open Heart surgery this past year.
We get together for all birthdays, weddings, Thanksgivings, Xmas', Easters,
and other important events that pop up.
My new husband Jim and Inars do manly things together as well;
 moving our children into and out of homes,
fixing plumbing and other household issues,
they have even occasionally gone to the movies together when I was still working.
How about that!!!
It's all about our children,
their happiness and well being.  
Plus Inars and I started off as great friends before marriage,
 and it will be that way until the end.

This pix was taken 2 Monday nites ago
 while Miss Tatum snuggled up to him at Danielle's new home.

I am a lucky woman to have had two solid rocks to live my life with.
Happy Birthday Inars.
Love you always,