Thursday, February 13, 2020


 The good news is I haven't had a traffic accident in years.
The bad news is this one was my fault.
I rear ended a soccer mom's van at a traffic light.
She was on her phone and didn't go when she was supposed to,
but whoops,
I did.
The good news is that my car is wrapped in vinyl.
Underneath it is a black VW Beetle.
A little cutie convertible.
So what I'm thinking is I unwrap the car.
It's time.
It's been 3 years which is the lifespan of a wrap,
and I was going to do it anyways after my son recently told me my car looks really beat up.
And it does, he wasn't exaggerating.
I figure that after it's unwrapped the bummer will be back to black 
and that ugly bash/wrinkle might not even be noticeable.
 So no need to fix and I'll be able to save my $1000 deductible.
that's my plan.
We'll see.

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