Sunday, June 23, 2019


scratchboard, nubs/pen holder & watercolors

Every year the kids are intimidated but excited to try this completely new medium.
They've seen the results from years before and they want to give it a go as well.
I buy the nicest scratchboard I can find because if you don't it won't hold up to the watercolor.
I get mine at Art Supply Warehouse in Westminster, Ca. 
I'm sure they take online orders. 
You will also need two different types of nibs that fit into a pen holder.
One is pointy and the other is a scoop shape.

tiny amplers done by seniors Christian Balbido and William Tan
1 1/2 " by 3"
2" by 2 1/2"

I start the kids by demoing the two different nibs on a tiny piece of scratchboard.
Then I give them all a small sample piece and have them choose a subject 
and practice working on this little piece.
Then they practice their watercoloring over top.
In the meantime at home they are searching for a great subject for their larger piece.

Here is another sampler.
It looks enormous but is really very petite.
Probably about 2 1/2"  by 3" at the most.
I believe this kitty was done by Sarah Oh as her practice.

These are the larger pieces from last school year.
Some of these photos didn't turn out as colorful as I was hoping for
so I apologize ahead of time.
The best resources to work from are photos are animals because of their fur.
Most of the nib strokes are done with crosshatched or hatchure lines.
Some of the kids like to incorporate pointillism as well.
In this gorgeous owl by junior Angelica Luza, 
you can see her watercolor much better along with its range of value.
They had to bring in range in both the drawing and the painting.

These dogs above were beautifully done by senior Sarah Oh.
You can see the pointillism in the backdrop.
The kids were also required to make their own matt.
I really like the thin strip of gold that Sarah put on before the black matt.

And senior Christian Balbido choose to do his own adorable pup.
Loving the scale he worked to as well as how he cropped the piece within the matt.

 This regal and incredibly gorgeous piece is the work of senior Tiffany Chen.
I feel this work really shows off her amazing drawing skills and attention to detail.
I so wish there would have been an art competition at the end of the year.
I would have entered this piece.
Exceptional work Tiff!!

WAnd w end with this brilliant work by senior Mary Kim.
She spent so many hours on this work and it was worth the wait.
She wasn't able to complete it when it was due 
so this is the first time the kids from her class are seeing the finished product.
Exactly a year later because I'm so tardy getting these pieces posted.

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