Wednesday, June 19, 2019


I'm so thrilled to share that my hardworking daughter and her equally hared working boyfriend 
were able to save up enough money to buy their first home together,
with a little bit of help from all the parentals.
And she's only 8 mins. away by car!
Woo Hoo!!!!
(I'm trying so hard not to go over everyday to see if she needs any help)
Danielle has been working since she was 16 and saving her money
for a down-payment and she finally made it.
I couldn't be more proud of her!
She was also promoted to manager and gaining a lot of service industry experience
and thinking of opening her own business.
She is on the way to making her dreams come true.
Their home is a two bedroom ,
two bath that has been redone,
and the kids are making it their own.
It's got a nice sized backyard, 
big enough for a pool if they ever choose to put one in.
But right now their two puppies love playing in the lush grass back there.
It's in a cute and safe neighborhood on a cul-d-sac 
which is also great if any grand-babies come along.
Hint, hint!
And one of the best things are the garden and home improvements that need doing together.
She's wanting to learn how to do things, 
and we've made many runs to Home Depot for plants and mulch for the backyard,
and nuts and bolts for hanging things.
We've dug weeds and dead headed roses together,
arranged furniture and hung decorative pieces on the walls.
She has even put a few of my clay pieces around her home.
I'm a happy woman!
She has a perfect side yard in full sun where her brother 
is going to build her several raised vegetable gardens
because she is also learning to cook as well.
Life is good!
The kids and my grandson & granddaughter pups
in their backyard.


  1. so happy for them and YOU, so much Love of it all for you
    to share ahead...

    1. Thank you Grace, it feels so good to have both my children settled and happy.

  2. What a wonderful and uplifting experience--a new home and so close to family!

    1. I know, I'm just thrilled!! By the way Jen, in about a week or two be expecting a package in the mail from me. I've got a surprise for you.