Saturday, September 2, 2017


As I was going back thru my saved drafts today
I found this one from the inside of our family home that we sold this summer.
I had forgotten this piece of my daughter Danielle's life was inside the front coat closet door.
I discovered it on moving day when I was double checking that we had emptied all the closets.
When I opened the door and saw this
 I just wanted to rip off the door and take this piece of my daughter with me.
Instead I knew I could only have this picture.
So be it.
It's interesting to me to see at what age she stopped measuring her height,
or when it didn't matter so much anymore.
That would have been in 06 when she was 12 years old,
lt's the year she reached her full adult height,
one inch taller than her mommy.
But then she revisits this space with her first serious boyfriend Tyler in 2011,
how sweet!
Her dad used to always help measure and record her height,
so of course he is right up there at the top.

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