Tuesday, August 8, 2017


Most of this summer was also taken up with helping my ex husband and our children
 pack up the family home after it sold in June of this year.
My ex continued to live here and kept it up for the past 6 years since our divorce
due to his double income.
That had been our agreement,
so that we could continue to get together here for birthdays and holidays to try to keep our family unit together and as normal as possible.
Our children are young adults now, 
and they along with my ex and I,
 were finally ready to let the home go.
But it was painful when the For Sale sign went up,
and I had a bit of a hard time saying goodbye to this beautiful home 
where we made so many memories with our children. 
And where I had a large hand in designing not only the inside but the landscaping as well.
So I started at the front and went around the home taking my last pictures of it.
Because it was the end of spring the flowers were in bloom around the entire place.
The Agapanthus with their lavender heads reaching to the sky.
The periwinkles reseeding themselves into lush clumps.
And the petunias just coming into bloom for the summer.
The Cannas along the front side wall with their bright orange flowers
(my daughter's favorites),
and the two willowy Birch trees that have grown from single baby shoots.
The apple tree loaded with a bizillion fruit 
which we encourage the neighbors to help themselves to.
And of course,
 the daffodils,
 that have continued to multiply and come back year after year 
from a packet of 12 that I planted that first year in the home.
Our side Serenity Garden,
as my ex called it,
had stepping stones with each of the children's hands and our dog's paws.
(now up at the cabin)
And a close up of an Amaryllis my dear mother gave me as a gift one year.
One of my favorites,
the hydrangeas scattered about the property.
In the side back yard,
 two orange trees and a lime I put in that first year as well.
And smaller but getting stronger, 
the grapefruit tree my son and I planted when my mother passed away.
She loved grapefruits, 
sprinkling sugar on top and eating the individual morsels with her special serrated spoon,
now in the possession of my daughter. 
Also the colorful multitudes of nasturtiums that come back every year 
that my son put in from a single plant.
And the azaleas that continue to hang in there even though I always forgot to fertilize them.
And underneath that trumpet vine is a brick wall.
The vine has grown to be at least a foot thick or more.
Another favorite that I was able to help design was the swimming pool,
and barbeque area.
Working closely with a landscape architect was a blast!

When I shot these pix all of the gorgeous teak patio furniture had been sold off,
but it used to look so nice next to the pool and under the umbrellas.
Even though this has been a labor intensive summer with dividing up property, 
packing up, 
the children reluctant to deal with all their things I kept for them since childhood 
(they will thank me when they are older I hope),
doing a huge garage sale, movers & moving day, and unpacking,
 as well as a painful process for our hearts,
the good news is that a charming couple with 3 young children brought our home,
and I know they will create wonderful new memories in this incredible place.
I wish them the best.


  1. An amazingly beautiful and well kept house. Gorgeous landscaping!! Change and transitions are a challenge but it sounds like you all did the best you could and it was time to let go and move forward. Best wishes to all of you. The new family are blessed to own this lovely home.