Monday, August 21, 2017


graphite, watercolor accents, colored pencil accents, felt tip marker accents

I will always be honest with you here,
so let me tell you one of the least favorite assignments of my Art I kids 
is to draw on location,
 a corner of my room.
The reasoning behind this horrendous task
 is to allow the kids to practice and perfect their
Dr. Betty Edwards Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain Sighting skills.
Sighting is another way to teach perspective but way faster.
But the kids hate it because it requires them to use some left brained skills
involving rulers and measuring to get distance and correct angles.
But it's like any new global skill,
once they learn it they will always remember it and it becomes easy,
 like riding a bike.

In this first one,
11th grader Nara Choi took off like gangbusters
 because she knew she wanted to get to the watercolor and sparkly things.
The kids have a choice to draw exactly what they see happening on the walls and cabinets,
or to make something up to put into the corner.
Everyone loved Nara's finished piece,
the whimsy and color really made her work pop.

Sarah Oh, 
11th grader as well,
thoroughly got into the assignment too.
After she finished drawing with her pencil,
she brought in watercolor and pen & ink which made this work extra special.
Was color required?
just if you wanted to and if you had the time.
Do I give Extra Credit for going above and beyond?
You bethcha!

Here we have senior Cathy Huang with this very soft & delicate piece.
She chose to draw the area right above my teacher desk.
I really enjoyed how she captured the branch of Bougainvillea
that 2014 art student Alex Lee donated to the room several years back. 
And if you look very closely you will see a dragon sitting on top of the shelf on the right.
Cathy made that in her 8th or 9th grade year from her aluminum lunch wrappers,
and it's been there ever since.

I really enjoyed how senior Melissa Ongko turned my sink corner
into an ocean themed wonderland.
I'm pretty sure she used colored pencil but honestly I can't remember 
from this photo.  
Could have been watercolor too.
All's I know is that I really liked it!
Look closely at the texture see rubbed onto the walls.

One of my personal favorites was this one by junior Tiffany Chen.
As a child I always loved playing with miniatures,
I think we called them Tumbellina dolls.
I still have mine in hopes that my first granddaughter will play with it.
So I adored how she put the tiny girl atop the bird to fly thru the room to it's nest.
In fact,
there were many small,
cool details to find and explore.
I could totally see Tiffany building this magical journey 
into a children's book complete with illustrations.

And last but never least is upcoming superstar,
 8th grader Ashley Gong.
Just look at the energy and effort she brought to this work!
Wow Ashley,
this is powerful!
Bravo young woman  :)
and kudos to all of you who rose above this awful assignment
hee hee
I felt your pain since I also had to do this when I took Betty's class back in 1982.


  1. How perfect that these students have a piece of your room to take away with them ... to remember where magic happened.

    And I can't help but note the starry skies and rainbow paint, the meat locker and octopi arms, the hammock and the clock. Such wonders.