Monday, August 28, 2017


I like to try and have fresh flowers in my classroom,
from my or our school gardens,
 flowers the kids bring me (cuz they know I love them)
or maybe ones I buy for myself, 
just because   :)
I dry them out to be recycled in our eco-dye units,
or as added embellishments for class assignments.
Well two days before school started 
I went to our school's rose garden to see what I could find.
I cut several roses and put them into a bucket of water to take them back to my classroom.
Unbeknownst to me,
I had a passenger along for the ride.
This ginormous Praying Mathis.
I couldn't believe I hadn't seen him,
and that he could easily have crawled right onto me.
But there he was,
ready for class to begin.
I know how wonderful they are for your garden,
so I was determined to get him to one ASAP.
No class today young man.
I took that bucket that the roses were in and a piece of paper
 and sort of scooped him in.
Then placed the paper over top until I could rush him out.
It took me three tries because he jumped out twice.
And I didn't want to hurt him.
But he wasn't scared,
more curious.
I took him to the Succulent Garden next to my classroom 
and he hopped right onto a Jade Plant.
Home Sweet Home.
Phew Shuuuu.
Talk about a close call!


  1. i love Them. So willing to engage, even tho our differences. They will
    never harm a's as you say...curiosity.

    1. This guy was so interested in what was going on, almost human!

  2. I do like creatures who look back at you and seem trusting (I know, anthropomorphizing) ... praying mantises, anoles, Carolina wrens, and even (sometimes) road runners.