Sunday, August 20, 2017


clay, oxides & melted glass shards

Besides this being a favorite of the kids
(they love the tactile feel of the clay),
it's also a project that works so well for me as an art teacher
that I've never discarded it in 38 years.
Let's take a look see.

We start with 8th grader Dylan Lin and his exceptional design.
So well thought out in both the masks design,
but also in how he finished it off with with oxides.
Bravo young man!

This cutie was done by 8th grader Loren Kim.
Everyone loved the sweet innocence she was able to capture in her piece.

And clever 12th grader Julie Ahn carved out the mouth area
 and was able to fill it with glass shards that melted during the last firing
to compliment and balance her flower over the eye area.
 the contrast between the red-browns and turquoises is quite lovely
and so is the contrast between the smooth and the textured areas.

11th grader Lynette Lee came up with this stunningly beautiful design
reminiscent of a Chinese dragons face.

And Jillian Morris was incredibly brave to pierce out the mouth and teeth area.
This is a very delicate procedure where only a surgeons touch will do.
Because the piece becomes very fragile where the upper and lower jaw connects
(the thinness of the connection)
and will most likely crack during the making or the firing of the piece.
I also was very impressed with how she used her oxides.

I found the texture that 12th grader Daphne Wang was able to bring into this work
was extremely visually pleasing to the eye.  
My eye also loved that carved out area on the left where she inlay-ed the tiny balls.
Fantastic work Daph!

This next one belongs to English teacher Donna Hall.
Donna spent a lot of hours agonizing over her design,
as well as in the execution of it.
It was much loved and praised by all!
In fact our Principal John Briquelet was so taken with it 
that he insisted it be hung in his office. 
Donna told him he could have it until she retires in 5 years.
ha ha

One of my personal favorites was this one created by Couch Milan.
Not only did it appeal to my fussy sense of craftsmanship,
but I loved the slight asymmetry of it
 and of course the way he used his oxides.
And the special treat of melted dark red glass shards in the lower right ear is very pleasing.


  1. What a sophisticated grouping ... and I love how the oxides showcase the markmaking

    1. The oxides make magic when stained onto clay. Thank you Liz!

  2. These are all wonderful! There is something about Loren Kim's mask (happy hippo?) that speaks to me because it makes me smile, but each mask is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the work of your talented students over the years. :)

    1. It is such a pleasure for me to share their remarkable pieces along with all the effort involved in making them. Thanks Jen!