Wednesday, March 22, 2017


My daughter Dan and her coworkers,
 recently took on New York City,
namely Times Square,
for their working convention with the Halo Hair Extension Company.

These are some of the pix she sent.
I personally have only been to N.Y. once in my early 20's for just a day,
but I have wonderful memories of this busy,
 fast-paced city.
I just love the colors in the backdrop of this picture.
She was there during the recent blizzard
and fortunately her plane departure was not delayed. 

With her girlfriends at night exploring the city.

Under the infamous bull on Wall Street.

Loved this black and white she sent me...

a well as her in snowy Battery Park right outside Wall Street.

She is headed for Chicago this weekend,
definitely on my bucket list.
Can't wait to see those pix.

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  1. My home town ... New York, New York (well, okay ... I actually grew up on Long Island, but close enough that I thought everyone got to go to the Metropolitan Museum of Art a couple of times a year).