Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Meet legendary English teacher Donna Hall.
She has been teaching at Whitney almost as long as I have,
33 years.
The kids adore her classes,
love hearing her stories,
and are especially enjoying having her join us for Beginning 3-D art.
If you've been following the blog this year you will have seen several of her  exceptional pieces.
Most recently you saw her gorgeous Eco-Dyed Banner,
and coming soon is her Circular Weaving. 

Well the other day I couldn't resist shooting this pix of Donna and two other students,
juniors Rachel Kannampuzha & Jullian Morris,
following directions and climbing up on a chair to be able 
to see how Ms. Hall's piece looks from a distance.
Squinting your eyes really helps as you are doing this.
Reason being is that you can't see proportions or visual balance close up.  
You must get away from you your work to judge those things.
This goes for any medium you might be working in,
both 2 & 3-D. 

If an admin. or another staff member had come by just then,
 I'm sure they would have gotten a big kick out of seeing Donna standing
 in the middle of the room on that chair.
As I did!
Ha ha


  1. Oh ha! Remembering the time I got caught standing on a desk whilst putting up a bulletin board. It didn't stop me from doing it again ... I just waited until everyone in the office went home at the end of the school day before putting up new ones.

    1. Ha ha!! It really helps to get away from your piece, even turn your back on it, your gut will tell you if it's working or not.

  2. Seeing Donna on a chair made me laugh, too. I got in so much trouble for doing that at work one time. Liz and I used the same technique to get away with it. LOL.

    Thanks for sharing the technique. It's a fine suggestion for quilting, too.

    I hope you are your students are having a great week.


    1. Thank you Hunter, so happy to have you along for this blog ride. Tell us a little something about yourself. You are from the Islands, yes? Do you work in Fiber?