Sunday, March 12, 2017


sharpened dowel, india ink, watercolor & paper collage

These pieces are so lovely in person
 that at Open House they sell like hot cakes if the kids choose to put them up for sale.
In fact,
our Principal's secretary,
owns at least 3 of them,
and recently framed them up so now they look incredible behind glass and over her desk.

No pencils or erasers are allowed in this assignment,
only wooden dowels that the students sharpen and dip into India ink to draw with.
really scary.
But they do a practice piece first 
in Modified Contour and find if they are silent and go deeply into Right Brian,
it can be relaxing and turns out surprisingly well.

I have the kids draw from real life.
 Senior Eileen Lee used one of my sea shells and silk flowers,
then filled in her negative space with the buoy and sun.
After the ink dries,
 the students are required to mix up 3 values of ink wash 
and brush them into areas of shadow.
They were also supposed to bring in watercolor and paper collage accents
 as you will see in all the pieces.
 Eileen also brought in real dried out rose petals that she glued down
for another delightful element to catch the eye.

Senior Jazzerie Lo drew this adorable crab lugging his shell around.
I love how she thought to do him separately and cut him out
 and then to glue him slightly over the frame's edge.
It was a good way to balance the two larger items in the picture plane.
And check out her attention to detail in the crab & shell.

This next sweet piece belongs to junior Samantha Tun. 
You can just feel the music wafting in the breeze.

Next we have senior Malaya Sithichai with this incredibly detailed drawing.
Her use of watercolor was perfectly placed,
and check out the ink washes as well in the wrinkles in the hand.
I just love the playful quality of this work and the colors she used.

In our next one,
 senior Ayesha Durrani has drawn treats everywhere for our eyes.
Check out the fun close-up below.
I'm starting to notice that in all of Ayesha's works,
 she sends a great deal of time on the backdrops.
Reminds me of the work of Alumni Brian Kesinger.
Perhaps there is a future ahead as a story board artist for Ayesha with Disney or Warner Brothers

Our last one by senior Kevin Mao is a beauty.
Great cast shadows, 
just the right amount of watercolor,
well balanced composition.
And the wonderful touches of paper collage in the plants stems.
Go Kevin,
go Kevin!


  1. Simply beautiful. The mastery of the techniques, of course, is fascinating. Even more amazing is the originality and the amazing content.

    Thank you so much for sharing.


    1. Thank you Hunter for this wonderful praise, the students will love it!

  2. Jazzerie and Ayesha have wrought conch shells that recall those that sit on my shelf, and Sam's silver dollar floating amidst text and music made me go back for another look. But I confess I was most taken by the believability of Kevin's seascape. If only I could get a closer look at the seaweed!