Tuesday, March 7, 2017


charcoal on Bristol & erasers

I wish all of you could see these in person.  
From a distance they look almost like photographs.
These students did an amazing job with this assignment.

The technique is to use a soft,
 thick stick of charcoal and turn it on it's side, 
and completely cover the entire piece of bristol board.
Then they have a choice,
to take a very soft tissue and gently circular rub the charcoal to blend it,
or to leave the charcoal just as is,
 very textural.
Then to use various erasers and draw/erase the image in.
This freaks them out at first,
but they end up enjoying the process for the most part.
We start with the work of senior Ayesha Durrani.
She picked an extremely challenging subject as well as background to work from,
but man oh man,
did she rocked this piece.
So proud of you girlie!
We all loved senior Jazzerie Lo's super cool model/subject,
and how he was laying on his back,
and the way he was gazing up.
Really makes us wonder what he's thinking about.
It was so different then everyone else's which of course I love.

Next we are seeing the class favorite.
this one done by senior Eileen Lee.
We loved her subject and how she brought him to life.
Older people with their life wrinkles make for the most interesting subjects.

And lastly we are looking at senior Malaya Sithichai's work.
Another captivating subject beautifully executed.

Great job all of you,
So proud to share these.


  1. Replies
    1. I have to agree Lori, these kids are incredible. Thank you for letting them know! xoxox

    2. What an amazing body of work. Your students are so talented. I'm unable to pick a favorite. They are all amazing.

      Thank you so much for sharing such beautiful work.

      Aloha from Maui,

  2. This is a wonderful exercise and I'm especially in awe (as I often am when visiting here) of the extremely fine details, such as the face of Ayesha's watch. But in the end, it is the dimensionality of these faces, pulled from a flat piece of paper and charcoal, that is most impressive. Kudos to all ... these are keepers!