Monday, April 11, 2016


to say good-bye to my 3rd Quarter 7th Grade Art Wheel.
So many hard working students,
with several artists in the bunch.
I hope you guys enjoyed yourselves 
and that you will be back for more art classes in the future.
And please bring your parents by this Thursday Nite for our Open House celebration.
Can't wait to show all of you off.
Mmasi keep on painting,
Gabe and Ahaan keep on growing,
Lena keep on taking those outside art lessons,
Athena Rose and Quintin keep on believing in yourself,
Eli you are so cool you don't even have to try,
Humberto keep on rocking those awesome red shades,
Dhilan keep on moving and grooving,
Palmer keep on doodling,
Andres put more of yourself into your work-you are already good but you could be great,
Dana keep loving art as much as you do,
Chloe I want to hear what your voice sounds like one of these days, 
Nathan and Joseph even after 8 weeks I still mix you two up,
Jovitha and Sivani make sure to invite me to your Arangetram, 
Andy stop growing so fast -  you are passing everyone up,
Ena, Isabel, Briana, Elvie, Leanne, Meagan keep on being as sweet as you are,
and Reese, Ayaan, Jack and Loreen you had better come back to me before I retire.
And Melelina,
you had my heart from the moment you walked in my door.
Love you all and so proud of the strides you made!!!

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