Friday, April 29, 2016


Rarely do any of my demonstration pieces get finished,
in fact if you were to go into my home studio,
my husband had to build me a huge entire wall shelf to stack all my UFO's on.
So it's very satisfying to see one of my works come to fruition,
even if it wasn't finished by me.

This is the Coil Trivet assignment that I demoed a few years back.
And of course I never got around to finishing it.
So this year one of my seniors who had been out ill,
Christine Caballes,
 who missed out making the clay mask project,
needed something to glaze while the other kids were glazing their masks.
I looked into my cabinet of unfinished clay pieces and gave her this trivet to work on.
She made it way more beautiful then I would have ever taken the time to do.
First she stained it with Red Iron Oxide, 
then put several shades of green and blue glass shards into the carved recess area.
When it came out of the kiln she glued on those lovely stones
(I think they are Tiger's Eyes)
and wella,
a collaboration that makes me very happy and gave her a perfect glaze grade.

Both of us loved how it turned out so I made sure she knew it was hers to take home. 

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  1. A great object lesson in how important it is to have a good "pantry" ... whether it's food or stuff for making art.