Sunday, April 10, 2016


I picked these beauties this morning at our cabin 
(yes, woo hoo, more tulips opened)
to take down the mt. to school tomorrow for my Open House this Thursday.

And the weirdest thing happened.
After the hour trip in our very rough riding, 
piece of s- - - jeep,
these gorgeous flowers exploded open.  
Aren't they amazing???
I can't wait for my students to see this sight.
We got lilacs that opened this week, tulips and more daffodils.

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  1. Ah, as much as I love Texas I do miss some of the flowers from up north ... fortunately we hit the road in time to see tulips and lilacs, plus dogwoods, azaleas, and Queen Anne's lace. All of which faded away as the live oaks and Hill Country wildflowers took over the view.