Tuesday, April 12, 2016


watercolor, pen & ink, colored pencil

This is the last post for my 2nd Quarter Art Wheel kiddos.
Yesterday I said good bye to my 3rd Quarter wheel group
 and welcome to my last 7th grade group of the year.
This is all going by so quickly.

But what a wonderful assignment to end with .
Let's see who did what.
One of my favorites was made by Stella Hong.
I really loved her use of color and value.
I also felt the piece was well balanced with a lot of interesting characters.
And of course all her Zentangling really makes the piece pop.

In this next one by lovely Lucy Acuna I really like how the blob animals circle around the center,
almost as if they are following the hungry caterpillar.
There is also a good amount of texture brought in thru the zentangling.
Also note how different Lucy's watercolor went down then Stellas.
You could do this assignment a million times and never get the watercolor blobs the same.
I like that!

I feel this next one is a bit more scary and sinister
which really suits the color scheme.
Jainee Shah has thrown in a lot of great detail which really holds my eye on the piece
for a more sophisticated effect.

And this piece by Emmanuel Alvarez was another favorite of mine.
It's just so cool with this skateboarder character being chased by the crock.
So much FUN!

And we end with this striking work by Alexa Centeno.
The kids had to be able to name their color scheme,
and the kids rarely pick secondary but it is always delightful to the eye.
So great pick Alexa!
She was also able to get a lot of nice range of value within the watercolor,
and find some really playful creatures.

I wish you could see how hard these children work on these pieces.
It's a 3 hour process from beginning to end.
I start them the day before the final and we put down the watercolor.
Then the next day I have them in for their 2 hour final.
These are very social 7th graders who I've taught to access the non-verbal right side of their brains.
It's a beautiful thing to witness;
30 7th graders being non-verbal for 2 full hours,
working and perfecting these till the bitter end.
And for those of you who have never had the pleasure of working with 7th graders,
that's a pretty big feat to keep them focused and on task for that long a period of time.
I'm usually holding my breathe as we approach the end of that final,
cuz there is nothing worse than having nothing for them to do that last 30 minutes.
7th graders are a squirrely bunch  :)
Right Rodrigo and Aaron (Patrick)  hee hee

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  1. Three cheers for Alexa's secondary color scheme ... the "ocean" is a true keeper!