Monday, September 8, 2014

The Barn - Part III

My son Zach came up the mountain for a day to visit so of course I had to put him to work.
But this job was right up his alley.
He donates many of his weekends building vegetable gardens in people's front yards in South Central L.A. with a group of others.
They are called Green Grounds L.A., and are a non-profit organization.
Two Whitney Alum, Lisa Yi and Michelle Namaka Fonoimoana also are part of this wonderful community of people beautifying the front yards in South Central while encouraging better eating habits thru the raising of vegetables.
We ended up with an excess of rock and found wood pieces so I asked my son to help build one more additional planter to help hold the hillside.
I told him I was hoping for the shape of a heart.
So Zach carefully laid out a large heart outline then we started planning out where to dig our holes for plants.
I told him I wanted to plant a nectarine tree along with a couple of Nandina's for fall color.

When we went to the nursery we also picked up a couple of bushes with lovely purple and pink flowers (forgot what they were called).
The small nursery in Crestline only had 5 gallon sized plants so Zach dug and I planted all afternoon.

Tah-Dah, our labor of love.

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