Friday, April 26, 2013

Porcelain Slab Wraps - Student Work

Another review assignment I do at the beginning of the year with my Ceramics II kids is to have them stamp the clay then thump and drag it so that it stretches out and cracks along the edges.  At the same time I am introducing them to working in porcelain, a very high fire white/translucent clay body that's delicate and lovely, but also a bit of a challenge.  These little works only measure about 3 inches tall by about an inch or so wide.  Tiny and very decorative.

The three above as well as one below are the work of senior Eddie Ponce.  One of the many things I love about Eddie is that he produces good work very quickly so that he is always ahead of schedule and able to make a couple more pieces before the assignment ends.  I also like the way he has glazed each piece with a different glaze and/or oxide. 

These next two above belong to senior Rita Labib.  I really like how she has pushed the cylinders beyond their limits and actually broken thru on that one on the left.
This next work by senior Stella Park is so cool.  She has used three of our oxides and stained the clay after bisque firing, then applied a transparent glaze over top for a very unique finish.  

Then below we are back again to Rita. 
Rita produced her color by drawing with oxide pencils onto the bisqueware then putting the transparent glaze over top for a very subtle, soft look.

This last one also belongs to Rita.  Love that she added the legs to create a tiny but elegant piece.

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  1. The second one from Eddie almost looks like a Victorian cuff. Lovely work you inspire in your students!