Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Katherine England - Part Two

Not only is Katherine an inspiration to me, but I talk about her and her work to my students as well, and show them what she is up too.  I also like to show my students how artist's live and what their work spaces look like.  Katherine has several work spaces.  Her garage and driveway that we saw yesterday, but also her home.  Not only does Katherine journal everyday, but she also makes her own journals to draw in.  Below you can see her computer office area where she has several of her journals lining the walls.
There is art and craft everywhere inside her home.  Last time I was there she had added these whimsical pom-poms hanging from the ceiling.
She is also an artist in the kitchen and loves to cook and entertain in her 50's kitchen.  Usually when I stop by she has something heavenly simmering on the stove.
Right now her dining room table is also her work space as she puts the finishing touches on this sweet turtle.
A close up of all the beadwork that she incorporates along with the glass mosaic pieces.
Her home also features other artist's works that she collects.  This piece above and below was done by South County artist Laurie Mika.
The inside below.

And everywhere you look there is art;  on every table top, every wall, every available space.
Intermediate 3-D, these next pieces are for you.  We will be doing something similar on wooden box tops with mosaics, beads, charms, soldered and fused glass.

Love the hand and birdcage, and what a great way to use up old nails and chains.

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