Thursday, April 25, 2013

Modified Contour Hands - Student Work

For 2 months of the school year I take my Beginning 2-D art students thru the first half of Dr. Betty Edward's "Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain " book which teaches them to draw by accessing the right side of the brain and it's functions.  One of the many exercises is called Modified Contour which means they have to stare at their hand and draw it, looking at their paper only about 25 % of the time.  The drawing takes about 45 mins.  By not looking at their paper too often they are able to record great realistic detail along all the interior and exterior edges of the hand.  The piece turn out amazingly well.  And for many of these beginners, it's their first time drawing since 1st and 2nd grade.

Above we have the incredible work of 8th grader Annie Oh.  Her attention to detail is truly remarkable.  Annie was one of my most talented 7th graders last school year.

Below is junior Cathy Luo's work.  Drawing a finger to slightly bend inside is extremely difficult, but Cathy nails it.

And then we have the very expressive left hand of junior Anne Allan, complete with wrist watch.  Fantastic job Anne!

I will be showcasing more of their right brain exercises this weekend..

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