Friday, June 3, 2011

Wooden Angels - Student Work

This project is really challenging to teach but so worth the results. I've got 36 kids sawing, sanding and drilling all at the same time, so there is the constant worry that someone will get hurt. But I make such a big deal about safety issues during the demo. that so far (knock on wood) no one has ever been injured. And these adorable creatures are the end result. Enjoy! In the time it took everyone else to make one, junior Jaimee Chirico knocked out two.

A close up of both.

Sophomore Rita Labib sanded for days on her wooden block before she was satisfied to add her appendages on this sweet piece.

And this clever trio were done by seniors Brenda Yee, Anisha Mistry and Sylvia Tran.

Senior superstar Tiffany Wang made this amazing giraffe that I wanted to buy from her but she wouldn't part with it. I wouldn't have either Tiffany :)

A close-up of Sylvia's cutie.

And these two exceptional pieces were created by junior Melissa Fierro and eighth grader Karisma Dev.

And this incredibly clever tin man was done by junior Elsie Aguilar. This is such a great recycling assignment. The wood is scrap that I dig out of a free wood bin on Imperial Hwy. in Fullerton. All the hardware findings came from a garage sale bin, and so forth. For EXTRA CREDIT cut out the shape of a tin man from green paper and put your name and period on the front side, and on the back side tell me which piece was your favorite.

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