Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Interactive MIxed Media Clay Sculptures - Student Work

One of my favorite clay assignments of the year with my Ceramics I class are these mixed media clay pieces that are supposed to contain interactive parts. One of the most impressive to me was the one created above and below by senior Matthew Ramos with the wooden drawer that opens and closes.

This hand with the clay and glass bead fingers that bend by senior Kevin Pasqual was also pretty darn clever!

And I really liked this lovely wind chime created by junior Tiffany Liu. The kids were required to make clay beads and charms and incorporate them into their finished piece.

They were also required to add one additional embellishment other then clay like twigs, glass beads or shards, sequins, buttons, you get the idea. Love the piece that junior David Hyun built above. He also embedded nails and hardware findings into his clay when it was still plastic. The nails fire out to be very tarnished looking, very old. Below junior Melissa Garcia made this amazing carriage and used hardware findings for the wheels, and on the mounted block. Her carriage is actually a lidded container.

In the photo above we've got 3 very cool figurative pieces done by senior Dong Song, junior Hanna Woo and senior Christina Lee. I love the Hawaiian skirt that Christina made for her doll. In the pix below junior Johanna Paz did this adorable figurative piece and mounted it on a collaged block of wood. So cute!!

And lastly we have senior Jesus Calderon, who created a turntable out of clay complete with movable parts. These kids continue to amaze me with their designs and solutions. It is such a pleasure to teach here!

For EXTRA CREDIT on a piece of brown paper cut into a figurative shape, put your name and period on the front and the name of the student whose piece you thought was the most creative on the back side.

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  1. I love these! I am a sculpture teacher and am always looking for new ideas so thank you for this great blog! I was wondering, how low/high do you fire clay pieces with nails in them?