Friday, June 17, 2011

A Father's Day Tribute to the Dad's in My Life

To James Vincent Sposa I, better known as Vinny, my handsome new father-in-law.  I'll see you in Florida in 6 days to give you your big Father's Day hug and kisses :)
To my sexy, gorgeous new husband, James Vincent Sposa II, Jim, who makes me laugh and brings me so much joy and happiness each and every day, and who I rush home to at the end of each workday cuz I can barely wait to see you and wrap my arms around you.  And who picks flowers for my hair.  You have my heart.
To my new stepson, James Vincent Sposa III, who goes by James, my physical therapist for my back, whom I've known longer then your dad, what a small world, huh?  You are an amazing father like your daddy, and a wonderful husband, and I'm so proud to have you for a son.
Jim with James' children, his grand babies, James Vincent Sposa IV, known as J.V. and Makenzie Anne Sposa, known as Kenzie.  Such beautiful babies!
To Jimmy for blending our families so effortlessly, and for having faith that is would be so.  
To Jim for bringing a whole new fabulous fun-loving dimension to my children's lives, and for treating them as your own, unconditionally.  Thank you baby. 
And for always being willing to play Scrabble with them., and also willing to loose, big time!  LOL
And for including their significant others.
And from the puppies for being the most loving and gentle dog owner ever, and for spoiling them rotten.  They especially love the music! 
And to my ex, Inars Agrums, for helping to make our divorce such a smooth transition for our children, for remaining good friends, for opening yourself up to accepting Jim so we can all hang together, but mostly for being the most terrific parent to our children.  Thank You.  And Happy Father's Day to you all!!


  1. Beautiful picture tribute! I loved reading about all the wonderful men in your life. . . in the world for that matter! A story of hope:)