Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Slab Boxes - Student Work

These belong to my beginners and are all exceptional boxes with locking lids. I was especially impressed with the glazing details, the kids are finally getting comfortable and familiar with the very difficult task of glazing their pots. The one above was created by senior Jesus Calderon. What a spectacular Mother's Day gift that would make! Above is senior Varsha Baheti, her craftsmanship is impeccable whether it be in her construction of the piece or her glazing. She is an absolute pleasure. Below is senior Matthew Ramos with his amazing looking piece. He used our copper glaze which makes the clay looks like it comes from antiquity. Love it!
Senior John Balagtas managed to make 2 boxes in the time it took the others to make their one. This was piece #2. Love the triangle format and the cool way he glazed the piece. He rubbed it with rutile oxide then put our transparent glaze over top, plus he melted a bit of glass in the carved out area on top. Below junior Alyssa Olea nailed this assignment with this lovely, very feminine box design. And her glaze application is flawless.

Above senior Christine Castillo incised a super intricate surface design into all her box pieces. Then she used the oxide rubbing glaze over top technique to finish it off. Stunning!! Below senior Andy De Avila's careful craftsmanship, geometric incised design and beautiful glazing earned him a spot in this post.

And last but not least is junior Joanna Paz who I've worked with since the 7th grade. She always gives me everything she's got. I love that she pushes herself in every assignment, and it always pays off for her. She used our subtle but beautiful tan glaze over top a rubbing of red iron oxide, and melted a bit of red glass into the top. Outstanding work all of you. Now for EXTRA CREDIT cut out the shape of your favorite box from brown paper and put your name and period on the front and the name of the student artist who made it on the back side.

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