Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Open House 2011

There will be over a thousand pieces of student art on display tomorrow night, Wednesday April 13, from 5:30 till 7:30 in my art room, room 18 at the back of the school by the gym. Some of the pieces will be for sale, the rest just on display. This is a juried show so only the best works will be on exhibit. So please stop by and join us. Each of my Intermediate and Advanced 2-D art students were responsible for choosing pieces that looked good together and hanging a panel with them. These 2 panels, above and below were done by juniors Jaimee Chirico with the help of my art technician Michael Chen. Beautiful!
This panel was hung by sophomore Hannah Park, and has a very soft, sensitive feel to it. Love all the bubbles and ribbons she painted on after the pieces were hung, it really pulled the whole thing together for her. A special thanks to seniors Elise Engly, Kevin Aquilo, and Jason Kwon, and sophomores Cindy Kim and Samantha Arias for each hanging a panel. And a very special thanks to alumni Rikaya Obilio and Tyler Pratt for hanging all the paper to display the art on and for all the other help you give me, all the time. You 2 know I can't pull off this gig without the both of you. Love you guys!!!

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