Wednesday, April 13, 2011

One More Incentive... come and view the student's art on display here at Whitney High School. We are at 16800 Shoemaker in Cerritos. We will be open from 5:30 till 7:30 tonight. And if you can't make it tonight the art will be up for another 3 weeks. So drop in and let me show off my students. These pieces you are seeing are called Before and Afters. On the left side is how the students were drawing when they came to me and how they are drawing now on the right after instruction. This top one belongs to senior Rachel Kim. Rachel came to me with very good skills already in place but look at her go now! This top one belongs to senior Alvin Chou, and I feel he is one of the students who made the biggest improvement in his skill level. Alvin drew sophomore Marison Arcilla. And below we have junior Gary Fong who drew junior Michelle Lee. Beautiful attention to detail Gary.

The piece above is sophomore Marison drawing senior Alvin. I make the kids pose for each other, and they take turns doing it. I usually give them between 7-8 days each. You are seeing another huge jump in skill level. Way to go Marison! Below we have junior Crislyn Ogawa drawing senior Michelle Guan. Crislyn is another one who came to me with some skills but just look at the progress she has made!

Junior Sarah Zhang drew senior Tiffany Wang in the lovely piece above, and below is senior Michelle Lee's drawing of Gary. Michelle is another one who pays special attention to those fine details and is able to capture them in her drawing. Just look at the time it must have taken her to do the hair alone with all those tiny dots of graphite.

And the last one I wanted to share belongs to sophomore Ashley Tang. She came to me with drawing skills already in place but everything in her work has improved so much; like likeness to original, projection, attention to detail, the list is long. Especially love how she handled the hair! So to see the rest of them, come on by!!

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