Tuesday, April 5, 2011

7th Grade Colored Pencil Spheres

So let's see what my wild and crazy 7th graders have been up to lately. They have been studying color theory thru lots of color media. Learning how to shade monochromatically, analogously, and complimentary. They are also trying to smooth out their transitional areas for a very round looking sphere while working with a wide range of value. Plus finding their working style. So these 3 beauties above were made by Julia Bok, Efrain Quintero and Jewel Quilaton. The one above by Jean Kim was shaded with analogous colors blue and purple, and the 2 below were created by Janet Chen and Jane Juan.

Then we have Frances Lee above along with Albert Lee, and one of the best was done below by Aaron Liu. All these kids have such great potential and I really hope they will be coming back to me for more art lessons.

For EXTRA CREDIT cut a piece of pink paper into the shape of a sphere and pick the artist who made your favorite one. Put your name and period on the front of the sphere, and your favorites name on the backside.

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