Friday, December 10, 2010

Sewing Machine Review with Watercolor and Collage - Student Work

Before my 3rd year 3-d students begin their big art quilt unit, I have them review their stitching skills with the sewing machines that they learned to use in the 2nd level class. I ask them to draw in permanent pen and ink a simple subject. I also require them to glue down a few pieces of text from books or newspapers, and then I take them thru a couple of watercolor demos. and then have them choose the technique they liked the best to watercolor in their image. When all is dry they put the pieces under their presser foots and stitch over the pen lines at least 2 -3 times for a very whimsical look. The idea came from Kelli Nina Perkins in an article from Quilting Arts Magazine a couple of years ago. Since these are my crafts kids the hardest thing for them to do is the drawing aspect, oh well, too bad LOL I think they did fine. The top 3 were done this year by seniors Breanna Johng and Olivia Hill.

I posted these sweet ones last year done by alum Audrey Pulido, so they might look familiar.

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