Thursday, December 9, 2010

Self-Portrait Collage Final - Student Work

My Beginning 2-d kids had to put all the Design Elements and Principles they learned together into this one piece for their 1st Quarter Final. Their subject matter was themselves so you will be seeing some very powerful, thought provoking pieces. A few of them will be upsetting, so prepare yourself. The top piece was done by junior Michelle Lee, one of my up and coming superstar designers. She calls it "Holding onto Virtue". A powerful statement, especially in this day and age. Look at how beautifully she has built this piece, I just love it! Below we have another up and coming star, sophomore Ashley Tang with her piece titled "Abandoned Halfway".

The one above really caught my eye, done by senior Marivel Aguirre called "Solutions" with the razor blade, noose and pills. The good news is that this is not where Marivel is at anymore. She has found positive solutions :) Below we have "Finding A Way" by senior Karen Pan. What a clever design hers is!

And then above, senior Michelle Guan gives us "Dancing in the Rain" an extremely uplifting piece. It's nice to know that not all the pieces are dark. LOL And below junior Janice Min does a very intriguing piece called "Shape-Shifter". I'm also hoping that Janice will return next year, she is doing great work for me this year and is growing into one of the best drawers in the class.

And what a sweet piece junior Sarah Zhang has created with photos of she and her younger sister called "How to Fly". Sarah is another one I hope will be coming back next year. And finally we have senior Jennifer Park who I've featured several times this year with this lovely piece called "Metamorphosis". When my daughter came to visit me at work recently, she told me Jennifer's piece was her favorite. Now for EXTRA CREDIT: which piece is your favorite? On a piece of purple paper, cut into the shape of a butterfly, with your name and period on one side, on the other write down the name of the person whose self-portrait you liked the best.

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