Thursday, December 16, 2010

Senior Jason Kwon - Future Car Designer

Wanted to show off my 4th year 2-D student, Jason Kwon. He has been taking both my 2 and 3-D classes since he was in the 7th grade, and excelling in all. Many of his subjects revolve around cars, his passion, and he likes painting in acrylic. He is currently working on his portfolio in hopes of getting accepted into Art Center in Pasadena, as a Car Transportation Design Major. He should have no problem, he is a very talented young man as you can see. This is his 3rd car he's painted for me this year, I think his best one. He tried painting each one in a different style: loose, tight & graphic. I should be showing them all except I'm too lazy to dig them out from Open House storage. But knowing myself I'll eventually get around to it. LOL So please stay turned. :)

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