Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Finally Finished - My Work

It's only taken me a good 5 years to finish this bag, but it's finally done, and boy oh boy does that feel GOOOOOOD! The yarns were demo. yarns that I hand spun for my Beginning 3-d students. (Hand dyed rovings came from Lori Lawson at Cap Fib Arts) After the assignment was over, I used all of them to crochet 34 granny squares. Then the next year I sewed them together leaving the tail ends exposed and then tossed the bag into the washing machine to felt it. The following summer I designed and sewed up a lining with several sized pockets for scissors, glasses, etc., and then realized that the bag was too floppy and wouldn't stand on it's end. So I lost interest cuz I knew what I needed to do and I was dreading it. Eventually I pulled it out again, went to Joanne's and picked up some plastic sheeting grids used for cross stitch or something like that. I cut them up and sewed together an inner lining to help hold up the bag. But guess what, when it was done it wouldn't fit right, it was too large and too high. So back went the purse into storage till this year when I was visiting a yarn store in Lake Forest (Yarn Lady). There I found the most perfect rubber liners just the right size. All I had to do was to sew them together, then insert my cloth lining over top and overcast it to the bag's lip, sew on my handles, and wella, my new crafts bag.

And like I said, it feels so good to finally be done with this LOL


  1. Oh my dog -- I love this bag. I hope your next project doesn't take 5 years. But what a beauty. I guess it was worth the wait.

  2. I love this bag Debbie, absolutely beautiful. Glad there is someone else who takes as long as me to finish things! Hope you have a lovely Christmas and enjoy your time off from teaching.

    Carol x

  3. It was worth it to wait 5 years to see that! The bag is beautiful!