Monday, August 16, 2010

Recycled Blanket - My Work

Those of you who have been following my blog may remember this pillow (above) that I posted last Sept. It was such a fun project, I got to use up a lot of my scrap yarns, and it knit up real fast in a log cabin style. Well I still had so much extra yarn left over after this pillow that I thought I'd make a throw to use on the couch to go with it. So whenever I had a chance to do a bit of knitting this last year, I'd make random squares and rectangles to be sewed together at a later date (below).

But recently I felt a need to start sewing them together to see how many more I needed to make (a lot) before it was lap size. So below is a shot of the first couple that I put together. The mitered squares were swatches that came from another project. They were the rejects and I've been saving them forever, so I threw them into the mix. Bette, do you recognize the ones I made when I was in Florida? They are the 3 darkest ones in the pix above.
When I finish this up I'll post the result. Probably in another year or so. LOL

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