Thursday, August 12, 2010

Clay Planters - Student Art

For my Ceramics I students, this planter was their final exam for the year, the glazing and the planting. They were to use a thump and drag technique to produce their slabs that they had learned on a previous assignment. The piece had to have a highly textured background, be a certain size so the seedlings would fit in on the day of the final, and also have some kind of a nature theme going on thru applied decoration, stamping or incising. As an end of the year gift for all their hard work, I bought each student 2 plants to put in their planters. They were able to choose between sun and shade plants. I might have even given them a horticulture lesson so they wouldn't kill the poor things. LOL These were the results. The top 2 belong to junior Typhena Liu and senior Anthony Nguyen. The bottom 2 were created by junior Tiffany Wang and senior Chris Shishido.

The 2 above were made by seniors Bryant Min and Justin Currlin, and the last 2 were produced by seniors Ester Lee and Janet Hurtado. I hope your plants survived the summer. Gosh, I miss you guys. Hope you all are having a great summer.

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