Wednesday, August 18, 2010

My Vegetable Garden

Because of the move to the new place I wasn't able to do my usual vegetable garden in the backyard, so this summer on Jimmy's patio I've got several different lettuces growing, along with a few tomato and pepper plants. But I really wanted to show you my crazy lettuce stalks. They went wild, and grew higher than any I've ever planted before. And now the tallest one has gone to seed. You can see the flowers on the tip. My son Zach and I picked this pot up at our favorite nursery, Roger's Gardens, in Newport Beach, which has some of the most healthy and gorgeous plants around. Well this has been one super duper batch of lettuce this year. Everyday since June I've been harvesting from the 5 different varieties and using them in our salads and sandwiches. Delicious!

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