Friday, August 13, 2010

More Planters - My Work

Thought I'd show you the 2 planters I made this year as demo. pieces. You saw my students planters on yesterday's post. I try to keep my demos between 15 and 20 minutes, otherwise I oftentimes loose half the class's attention. So this top one took about 15 mins. to assemble and then after the kids left for lunch I added a few applied decorative roses and vines. And the bottom one I made the next day in about 10 minutes for a few of the kids who were absent the previous day. These pieces were so fun and easy, also really spontaneous. They are one of my favorite assignments that I do with my beginners. The top one blew up when I was bisque firing them, but I was able to save it by making a new back piece and then using glaze to glue the 2 pieces together during the second firing. Phew-shuu.

Instead of glaze I finished them off with a stain of red iron oxide and cobalt carbonate. Jim confiscated them for his home and he bought some beautiful ferns to put inside. He thinks I should market them. We'll see. LOL

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