Thursday, February 11, 2010

Shapes of Shadow Portraits - Student Art

Rarely do I show an entire class' work, but since my 2nd level 2-d art kids only number 12, I was able to group their pieces all together for the shot above. The assignment was to draw from a live model (senior Audrey Pulido volunteered). I put her in darkness with one spotlight on the side of her head. Then my students were told to draw ONLY the shapes of the shadows that fell on her head, neck and shoulders in pencil. Then they were to use black india ink to fill the shapes in with. Afterwards, I asked them to bring in at least one more medium to enhance the piece with. Many of them chose watercolor and collage.

Audrey got to pick the one she felt looked the most like her. The piece above by senior Shabnaz Khandoker was her pick. The piece below was done by senior Ashlee Chang. I like how she colored and cut out little tiles and then glued them back on in relief. Such a clever designer. :)

Above is a very sensitive and lovely portrait done by senior Brandon Liao, and below is one of senior Anne Guu's most incredible works to date.

Close ups of Anne's work. Isn't she amazing? The amount of extra time that she puts into her pieces really pays off in usually the strongest piece in the class.

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