Friday, February 19, 2010

Great News!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Our pup Bogey who inspired the quilt below. LOL

Guess what? Assistant Editor, Pippa Eccles, from Quilting Arts Magazine contacted me this morning and asked to possibly feature the art quilts that she saw on my blog yesterday. Can you believe it? I'm so thrilled I could hardly contain myself all day. I'm so excited for my students works to be featured in a national magazine. Especially the one that is most important to the Art Quilt Community. Doesn't get any better than that!!! :) So congrats go out to Period 4, Beginning 3-D art. I'm so very proud of you guys!! Also wanted to tell you how excited I was to get comments from two professional fiber artists, Susan M. Hinckley and Jamie Fingal, on my student's pieces from yesterday. Wow! (both their blogs are listed to the right under artists I follow). How COOL is that!

This is an example that I made last school year where I tried really hard to stay one day ahead of my students so that they could watch me demo. all aspects of the assignment. My subject was my very naughty pup Bogey Agrums, who when we first got him was so bad that we had to bring in a dog trainer to our home to try to teach us to work with him. Did it work? Not real well, he's still to this day a handful. One of the key words we were to use when disciplining him was Bah. So that's how the title came into being. My ex-husband found him on a golf course and brought him home to us about a year and a half ago. Now I know why he was turned loose on that course. His owners couldn't handle him either. But we try our best cuz he's so cute.

My beginners are currently working on building a paper mache collaged frame to float their quilt on. And on the back side they are to include a label and hanging device.

This piece I dedicated to my last years Beginning 3-D class. EXTRA CREDIT: on a piece of blue paper cut into the shape of a heart write down the name of the student whose appliquilt from yesterdays post that you liked the best and WHY. Put your name and period on the other side of the paper


  1. Thats really terrific news....for both you and your students. Congrats!!


    I don't have blue paper! But anyways, I really like Anne's and Ashlee's piece. Cuz their piece is pleasing to the eye + I like the theme + they put like 100+/10 effort + Their craftsmanship is super clean. And they are gonna get submitted to the art magazine! They deserve it forreals =D