Thursday, February 25, 2010

Abstact Family Group - Student Art

These beauties belong to my 2nd year clay students. The requirements were to abstract at least 3 figures using a slab building technique. Then to bring lots of surface decoration into each figure such as stamping, incising, piercing, etc. After bisque firing, to then stain clay with oxides for the glaze fire. Afterwards they had to embellish and mount the figures onto posterboard. This top piece belongs to senior Steven Elalobar. I really like how he mounted it on the diagonal.

What always impresses me are the creative solutions these kids come up with in the embellishing and mounting processes. I love how senior, Etka Doshi, wire wrapped glass shards to her mounting board in the piece above, and look how cool the nails look in senior Wayne Chen's work below. And be sure to check out those brown beads Wayne incorporated, those came off of my very ancient Camp Fire Girl costume from the 60's when we used to earn them by doing good deeds. I always tried to earn the most beads so I could have the most to work when I designed and sewed them onto my costumes for our ceremonies. Now I know you are wondering if I ever fibbed on those good deeds to get to those beads. What do you think? LOL

EXTRA CREDIT: On a piece of brown paper cut into the shape of a bead put your name and period on one side and on the other tell me what's the worst thing you've ever done to get something you wanted really bad. Will I tell on you? What do you think? LOL

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  1. These are nice! I remember this project, lot of fun.