Friday, February 5, 2010

Kelli Nina Perkins - Bookmark Swap - Fiber Artist

Couldn't resist posting these colorful works of art. I got them off of Kelli Nina Perkins blog (see Artists I Follow on right side). They were made by a group of artists that Kelli is doing a swap with.

I'm posting them so my 3-d art students can see since we are working out of Kelli's book "Stitch Alchemy". My beginners tried their hand at creating stitchpaper, and my 4th year student Ashley Morris is making a paper quilt from her stitchpapers, again inspired by Kelli's work. I'll be posting Ashley's finished piece soon. It's soooooo cool!!!!


  1. Wow, these are FANTASTIC and beautiful, I'm jealous

  2. It was very hard to send these back out to the swap partners! I think the next swap is called send them to me and I get to keep them :) They were fabulous. Kelli

  3. What beautiful tags, I love the colours :)