Monday, November 2, 2009

Self-Portrait Collage Finals - Student Art

Well, we are already headed into the end of 1st quarter. I can't believe it went by so quickly! Most of my classes have some type of performance based final that is worth 25% of their grade for the quarter, a few like ceramics have a written final. The piece above, done by senior Esther Lee last year in Beginning 2-d Art, was so beautifully done, with so much sensitivity that I needed to show it off so the kids this year could see what I'm expecting. Not only are these pieces mini self-portraits, but the students are also required to bring in all the elements and principles of art into their works. So line, shape color, texture, balance, emphasis, movement, etc., there are 14 all together (a lot of hoops for them to jump through). So the assignment really showcases everything they've learned about design and craftsmanship over the past 8 weeks. Last year, senior Amanda Lui did the powerful piece below. Both girls are pursuing the arts in college.

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