Monday, November 16, 2009

Farewell to my 1st Quarter 7th Graders

Just wanted to say good-bye to my sweet babies. Gonna miss you guys so much!!!! You were a wonderful group to start off this 7th grade wheel experiment with. I've never had a group of students work so hard for me with such joy and enthusiasm. You've set the bar really high for the other 3 groups that will be following you this year. Thank you for all your hard work and the amount of energy and effort you put into my class. I hope to see all of you at least one more year in another art class before you graduate. Love you all! And be good for your other teachers, make me proud!!! And don't forget to bring your parents in Open House Nite so I can meet them. The date is April 22. See ya then!

These are some of the kids working on their felt soap project. Way too much fun! To my new 7th graders in 2nd quarter for extra credit tonight: put your name and period on a piece of brown paper and then write down on the other side of the paper what your favorite thing about going to Whitney is. Where do you get brown paper? Be creative! Think kitchen.

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  1. Hi mrs agrum its me Rudy!! Youre the best!!