Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Moonstone Mounted Sculptures - Student Art

When I first started this project with my 2nd year clay students they were all sculpting some type of moon as subject matter, thus the title 'Moonstones". But over the years it has evolved into any form so long as it has an expressive face attached and lots of surface design. In the second half of the assignment, after their pieces are bisqued fired, we sawdust fire them and then rub them with pigments. And lastly, they mount them for display. So sawing, sanding, staining, drilling and wood burning come into play in the finished mounted works.

The expressive piece above belongs to senior Steven Ebalobor and is a bit of a self-portrait. He's showing how's he's feeling about missing his girlfriend who went away to college. I think he has done a wonderful job expressing his sadness and pain. The bead/tear drops raining down from the cloud are a clever design element. The piece below belongs to senior Ekta Doshi, and I love all the colored pigments she has combined in the staining of the clays surface.

The piece above and below belongs to senior Wayne Chen and his subject is an hour glass which he very cleverly mounted using two posts instead of the one.

And this last shot is a close up of the wood burning that Steven did on his wood. All 3 kids did an exceptional job in a very short amount of time!

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