Thursday, November 19, 2009

Santa Barbara Coastline

This last weekend I traveled up to Santa Barbara, Ojai and Santa Maria in search of fiber and crafts stores, but made the mistake of thinking they would all be open on Sunday (Saturday no problem) Lesson learned, should have called first. Oh well, found several that made the trip worth while. :) Betty's Yarns in Santa Maria on Broadway and Battles as well as a wonderful quilt store in Old Town Orcutt, think it was called the Old Town Quilt Store on Clark St. In Ojai, so many wonderful shops on their main drag in the Arcade area. Primavera being a favorite, as well as Artful Living and Human Arts. Did I buy anything? Of course :) But the best part of the trip was the gorgeous weather on Sunday coming home and the fabulous views of the coast.

Extra Credit for my Beginning 2-d class only: on a blue piece of paper cut into the shape of a teardrop, write down your greatest fear involving the new drawing unit we are starting.

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