Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Rebecca Chung - Watercolor - Student Art

I'm pretty sure I haven't posted this piece but summertime, not working, and not posting everyday is really fogging up my brain LOL. So if I have please bare with me one more time. This piece was painted in watercolor 2 years ago by one of my all time super star art students Rebecca Chung. If you've been following my blog you have already seen a couple of her amazingly executed drawings. Look under the headings of 3/4 and Frontal Views and Graphite and Value Studies. Anyways, the assignment was to paint in watercolor a floral piece that is so enlarged that it goes off the end of the paper. The students were given half a piece of quality paper. Rebecca asked for a whole sheet and proceeded to do this crazy and remarkable piece. She also brought in pen and ink when the watercolor had dried. Below is a close up. What I've always loved about Rebecca's work is that she takes the minimum requirements and then runs with them and comes up with a completely unique way of dealing with the assignment.


  1. A very impressive piece of work indeed!

  2. I love watercolor! Always amazes me what people can create with it.

  3. reginateng@yahoo.comJuly 2, 2009 at 6:06 PM

    rebecca's art is CRAZY haha (:

    hey so my friends and i want to experiment with tie dye, and i've been looking up how to prepare the dye, but it seems so much more complicated than just having the buckets that we had in class. how do you usually do it?