Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Julia Meng - Student Art

I have featured senior Julia Meng's work many times this past school year. This was her second to last piece that she did as a commission for 1986 Alum and lawyer Edward Ho (ex Art Club president). He commissioned the piece at Open House when he found out that another piece of hers 'Three Headed Phoenix" was already sold. So they spoke a few times and exchanged ideas and this was the final result, a sensitive, gorgeous piece. Julia used many different media in this work including spray paint, wood burning, collage, pen and ink, text, glass shards and acrylic paint. She is truly a genius and heads off to Princeton this fall to join her brother Eric there. And Julia, thank you for including me in your Valedictorian speech, and talking about how the arts have impacted so many of our students at Whitney. You made me cry and touched my heart with your words. I will miss your sweetness and your brilliance. I adored working with you over the years. Both you and your brother where such exceptional students. Thank you for all the effort you put into all four of the classes you took with me.

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  1. Hi Ms. Agrums!
    It's really been a pleasure working in your class. I'm going to miss it!
    I'll still be following your blog - it's fun to see what Whitney students are up to.