Sunday, July 12, 2009

Clay Masks - Student Art

Every year in my Beginning 3-d art course I like to let the kids try out clay so that they might enjoy it and sign up for my Ceramics class I teach. Just found out last week that 42 students have signed up for next school year but unfortunately I only have enough room for 32 bodies. So the counselors are going to have to make a few cuts. Sorry guys there is always another year. So these are the first attempts at clay for many of my beginning students and I feel they did a tremendous job. Starting with the middle mask then working upward and clockwise we have junior Alma Gudino, 7th grader Andrew Veenstra, senior Ariel Improta, 7th grader Aman Patel, and seniors Emily Choh, Jenny Ham, and Connie Pae

A close up of the detailed workmanship that Andrew put into his piece.

These four masks are from years past. I use them as good examples to show my students what I'm after. The one in the bottom right corner is a demo. piece that I made a few years ago. One of my favorite things about teaching art is that I oftentimes get to make a piece of art as I'm showing the kids how to do an assignment. Masks are especially fun and easy for me to whip up.