Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Baby

My girl's 15th birthday started at 8 this morning when Dani's boyfriend Tyler surprised and woke her up with a beautiful bouquet of roses and a glazed doughnut, he even brought one for me, what a nice boy! Then I drove the two of them to Disneyland where Tyler treated her to a day I'm sure she'll remember for a long time. She just texted me as I'm posting this and they are watching fireworks right now. Tyler's mom is in charge of pick up tonight at 11. Glad I got the morning drop off duty!

We let her open her presents yesterday cuz it was the only time everyone was at home at the same time. Our dog Bogie was a big help with the tissue paper.

And here she is modeling her new bag and scarf. What a cutie pie! I'm so proud of the young woman you are growing into Danielle. You are smart and funny, creative and self-motivated with an unfailing commitment to doing the right thing. And your heart is so big, you show compassion, empathy and friendship to everyone you know. Happy Birthday my beautiful daughter and friend. Now would you please go pick up your room? LOL

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